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We're working to make managing copyrights and licenses in free and open source software easier. This is the website for a guide of best practices, meant to demonstrate how to add copyright and license information to a project in ways which allow for more automation.


There's no installation here, but you may try running hugo in the site/ directory to generate the website when testing locally. Typically, we let our Drone CI build and deploy the website for us.


Go to and enjoy :-) If your project follows the reuse guidelines, we encourage you to show that in your and similar! Just copy this badge into your readme:

[![reuse compliant](](


We'd love to get feedback on these practices, ideally in the form of pull requests which we can discuss around. To be able to contribute in this way, you need an account on, which you can get by going to our account creation page. This will sign you up for a volunteer account with the FSFE.

Once you've registered, your account needs to be activated. Just shoot a mail to or directly to saying you've registered and would like to be activated. As soon as your account is activated, you can set a username and proceed to login to

We also accept and appreciate feedback by creating issues in the project (requires the same account creation), or by sending e-mail to, again, or


The theme used for this website is based on Hugo Sp-Minimal which in itself is based on Minimal, both of which are licensed under the MIT license.

The content of the website, the best practices, are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0.