A small service to preview an XHTML file in the fsfe.org design https://webpreview.fsfe.org
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XHTML file preview

This is a service initiated by the FSFE’s translator Luca Bonissi to preview XHTML files. These files are the foundation for pages on fsfe.org.

Because the markup is often hard to imagine from the raw file, this service offers a preview. It uses the FSFE’s design and tried to emulate how the file will look like in the end.

It also checks for XML syntax errors. If they exist, they will be displayed in red colour on the previewed page.


Certain page-specific layout and XSL rules cannot be emulated. However, for a rough preview it suffices.

Local tests

The services is deployed via Docker, so you can run:

docker-compose up -d --build

Then, identify the IP of your container and open it.


This code is REUSE compliant, so all copyright and licensing information is stored within the files themselves, or can be extracted with the REUSE helper tool.