Jonas Oberg f8e9df4510 Without trailing slash 2 weeks ago
oidcp Removed never used local variables 2 weeks ago
swagger_docs Remove unused parameter from swagger documentation. 2 months ago
tests Remove test specific Redis interface. 1 month ago
.dockerignore Add place holder for docker setup. 2 months ago
.drone.yml Of course this didn't work! :D 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Remove sphinx documentation. 2 months ago
.isort.cfg Fix line length to PEP standards. 5 months ago Add change log standard format. 5 months ago
Dockerfile Expose the web port 2 weeks ago
LICENSE Remove markdown file type. Not used. 4 months ago Include documentation in package. 5 months ago
Makefile Fix target names and add spacing. 3 weeks ago
Pipfile Don't pin, let pipenv do that for us. 3 weeks ago
Pipfile.lock Don't pin, let pipenv do that for us. 3 weeks ago Add documentation badge and status note. 3 weeks ago Rename celery module to something less conflicting. 1 month ago
hosts Bugfix + add hosts 2 weeks ago
playbook.yml Without trailing slash 2 weeks ago
setup.cfg Mark `oic` package as third party. 1 month ago No idea what that does so I'm removing it. 2 months ago Remove unused import. 2 months ago

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The OpenID Connect provider behind the account management system.

Still hacking, coming soon.