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The OpenID Connect provider behind the account management system.

Environment variables explanation

export SWAGGER_UI=3
export BACKCHANNEL_ID=backchannel_id
export BACKCHANNEL_PWORD=backchannel_secret
export FRONTEND_ID=openid_client_id
export FRONTEND_URL=http://localhost:8089/
export SHARED_JWT_SECRET=shared_jwt_secret
export FRONTEND_SALT=frontend_salt
export SHARED_JWT_SECRET=shared_jwt_secret
export FSFE_CD_URL=http://localhost:8088/api
export LDAP_URL=ldap://localhost:389/
export LDAP_UNAME_PATTERN=uid={},ou=fellowship,dc=fsfe,dc=org
export LDAP_EMAIL_PATTERN=ou=fellowship,dc=fsfe,dc=org
export CELERY_BROKER_URL=redis://localhost:6379/1
export CELERY_RESULT_BACKEND=redis://localhost:6379/1
export CODE_TIMEOUT=1800
export REDIS_HOST=localhost
export REDIS_PORT=6379
export SERVER_PORT=localhost:8080
export ENV=development
  • FRONTEND_URL is needed to verify this client is allowed on oidcp
  • LDAP_URL, LDAP_UNAME_PATTERN, LDAP_EMAIL_PATTERN - ldap server config, to make ldap requests
  • FSFE_CD_URL - uri to fsfe-cd component to be able retrieve records from postgres
  • CELERY_BROKER_URL - where broker is hosted, CELERY_RESULT_BACKEND - where celery puts tasks results
  • REDIS_HOST, REDIS_PORT - where redis is hosted
  • REDIS_CACHE_DB - is needed for "redis" to select db
  • SHARED_JWT_SECRET - secret to sign jwt token (it's shared between the components)
  • SERVER_PORT - is used in Makefile
  • BACKCHANNEL_ID, BACKCHANNEL_PWORD - credentials to fsfe-cd (Basic authorization)