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### Add a new supporting organisation

Adding a new supporting organisation requires two steps:
Adding a new supporting organisation requires a few simple steps:

1. Add a new entry in [site/data/organisations/organisations.json]( in valid JSON format, the file should be self-explaining: *name* is the full name of the organisation, *img* is the name of the logo file (case-sensitive!), and *url* the web address of the organisation. To make sure that the file has a valid JSON syntax you can use []( or another tool before committing your changes.
2. Add the organisation's logo to the [site/static/img/organisations]( directory. Please only upload PNG files with maximum 150px width or 100px height – ideally using transparency instead of white as background so we can also use it on other backgrounds some day. Consider using `pngcrush` or a similar tool to reduce the file's size and remove metadata.
3. Add further contact and background information about the organisation to [our database]( (only accessible to PMPC core team members).

### Technical information about the online build