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"checkit_tiff" is an incredibly fast conformance checker for baseline TIFFs (with various extensions), see

Updated 5 days ago

the 'official' Archive::BagIt repository. Contains patches to update Archive::BagIt to version 1.0 of BagIt, see RFC 8493 (

Updated 2 weeks ago

sha256 plugin for Archive::BagIt

Updated 2 weeks ago

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libcbag - a free and opensource C++ Library to handle BagIt structures

Updated 3 weeks ago

Perl-module which allows to use Droid/PRONOM signatures to convert it to Perl regular expressions, For PRONOM see[]

Updated 3 weeks ago

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ctxer - a free de-/compressor for Softdisk text compressed (CTX) files

Updated 3 weeks ago

tool to fixes some issues in baseline tiffs (with extensions), see

Updated 2 months ago