Share buttons based on those used on They are completely free of JavaScript and still support dynamic input of Fediverse URLs. They can be extended very easily.
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Share buttons (bar + left-side-scrolling)

REUSE status


These share buttons can be used for various websites, enabling its visitors to share specific URLs on social networks, or to enable them to do micro-domnations via flattr.

The buttons are much more user-friendly than many other solutions:

  • There is absolutely no JavaScript required
  • No third-party resources are loaded
  • Users of Mastodon, GNU Social and Diaspora can easily provide their pod URL and use the native sharing API


The buttons are currently available as a usual "share bar", so all buttons in one horizontal line (see Screenshot 1), and as a left-side vertical bar scrolling with the screen (see Screenshot 2).


The detection of which network the entered Fediverse pod belongs to is hacky. We check error codes of certain unique URLs. But since the different Fediverse APIs and structures can be similar, might results might appear. Contributions for a better detection are appreciated!


Buttons can easily be added and removed by a few lines of code in the HTML, CSS, and PHP files.

  • In the HTML file, you can just copy/paste the exiting code and modify it. Note that services with user-dependent URLs (like Diaspora and GNU Social) are a bit more complicated and require another GET parameter to be added (like fediversepod) which has to be read by share.php.
  • In the PHP file the parameters are put together, depending on the format the service understands.
  • The CSS files keeps all layout information.


The buttons have been designed by Paul Hänsch and Max Mehl in their capacity as FSFE webmasters. Current maintenainer is @max.mehl, but there are other contributors as well. Please check the file headers.


GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 or any later version (AGPL-3.0-or-later) for the PHP file, CC-BY-SA-4.0 for documentation, and CC0-1.0 for the rest.