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<html newsdate="2012-04-02">
<title>Hacking for freedom: Web Team comes to Manchester</title>
<h1>Hacking for freedom: Web Team comes to Manchester</h1>
<p>Manchester will be hacking for freedom this month when <a href="/contribute/web/web.html">FSFE's Web Team</a> sprint comes to <a href="">the UK</a>. Web team coordinators, together with a variety of international volunteers, will gather in a concerted effort to improve website features and infrastructure.</p>
<p>FSFE's Web Team Coordinator complete redesign, we hope to fix lots of bugs, offer new functionalities and more importantly, have a great deal of fun!".</p>
<p><strong>How you can help and join:</strong></p>
<li>Meet us there: "the more the merrier!" said Deputy Web Team Coordinator Andreas Tolf Tolfsen. We welcome all participants who want to try improving FSFE's website(s)!</li>
<li>Join us online: even if you can't be in Manchester, fixing bugs remotely is of course possible and wanted!</li>
<li>Give us feedback and ideas: not that much of a web designer or programmer? Browse, and while reading about things that matter, tell us what you think. We welcome all comments and ideas, there's always room for improvement. You are, we are the users!</li>
<p>The sprint will take place in <a href="">OpenSpace co-working space</a>, which is Co-Directed by UK Coordinator Sam Tuke. During their stay the team will have an opportunity to visit Manchester's <a href="">MadLab Hackerspace</a>, and meet others who are hacking for freedom.</p>
<p>Help with travel and accommodation for international visitors can be found on the <a href="">2012 Web Sprint Wiki page</a>. Please <a href="">contact the web team</a> for more information.</p>
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