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<title>Documentation - Campaign banners on the frontpage</title>
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<h1 class="p-name">Add and select campaign banners for the frontpage</h1>
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We display campaign banners on the frontpage, to promote current
campaigns or a donation campaign for FSFE. However, these banners are
supposed to be changed depending on the timely context. For instance,
it’s usual to add the banner for Document Freedom Day in January.
<h2>Add the campaign information for translators</h2>
It should be easy for translators to update the campaign information. All this information can be found in <code>tools/texts-**.xml</code> where “**” is the language code used by FSFE. Please make sure that an English version is always provided. Then find the information between <code>&#60;campaigns&#62;&#60;/campaigns&#62;</code>. If you want to add a new campaign, add this:
&#60;campaign id="new-campaign-id"&#62;
&#60;comment&#62;You can add a comment in here like: please enable between January and April&#60;/comment&#62;
&#60;photo&#62;This will be a picture, like the campaign’s logo, or a person’s portrait if the picture goes with a quote for instance. Be careful, this is not the background image used for the box, this is done with CSS&#60;/photo&#62;
&#60;text&#62;This text will be displayed! Make it not too long!&#60;/text&#62;
Probably none of these fields are mandatory (should be checked) but at least <code>text</code> (or <code>photo</code>) and <code>link</code> should be provided.
<h2>Select which banner to display</h2>
For banners showing up on the <a href="/">frontpage of</a>, you should set <code>running="yes"</code> in the campaign file. The <code>index.xsl</code> loops around and includes all campaigns set as running.
<h2>Style the campaign banner</h2>
Don’t forget to style the campaign banner any way you like. You can take inspiration from other banner’s styles. Find it in <code>look/fsfe.less</code>. For a basic style, add:
#new-campaign-id {
background: url('/graphics/choose-a-picture.jpg') center 33% no-repeat #666;
If you need help to edit the style of, see <a href="css.html">How to edit the CSS with LESS</a>.
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<h3>Other howtos:</h3>
<a href="/contribute/web/tagging.html">Use tags and article metadata, implement a country page</a>
<a href="/contribute/template.html">A template article, to use the new webdesign</a>
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