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  11. <h1>Reasons to prefer Free Software for your child's education</h1>
  12. <p class="background">
  13. When you send your child to school, you expect that she/he comes back
  14. with a certain knowledge basis, a certain social behavior. Knowledge is
  15. universal, Free Software too. Social behavior implicates values and
  16. philosophy, Free Software too. By implementing Free Software in schools,
  17. we could reach a more effective educative system.</p>
  18. <h2>Sharing</h2>
  19. <p>Using Free Software allows your child learn to share and cooperate
  20. and thus join a whole community that shares knowledge.
  21. </p>
  22. <h2>Independence</h2>
  23. <p>Teaching a child to rely on proprietary software makes him dependent on
  24. something s/he'll have to pay for. Teaching him/her to rely on Free Software,
  25. the child can continue using this software in his/her adult life while
  26. helping others by sharing it. </p>
  27. <h2>Learning to program</h2>
  28. <p>
  29. The possibility to tinker motivates children to learn more. Free Software
  30. allows to learn about computer at any depth.
  31. </p>
  32. <h2>Learning to use software</h2>
  33. <p>
  34. Free Software give children the possibility to learn how software works and thus
  35. to understand the concepts underlying a whole category or type of software.
  36. They are then able to adapt to any environment, a key skill nowadays.
  37. </p>
  38. <h2>Learning in native language</h2>
  39. <p>Free Software applications are being translated into almost any language.
  40. Thus your child can learn and focus on the actual subject without any language or
  41. cultural barriers
  42. </p>
  43. <h2>Equality at home</h2>
  44. <p>
  45. With Free Software, teachers can give a copy to each child, without
  46. risking to mislead him/her to use an illegal copy. Thus you are not put
  47. in a position to make a financial decision and children of families with
  48. less financial resources can learn with the same tools as every other child.
  49. </p>
  50. <h2>Intelligent use of the school's money</h2>
  51. <p>
  52. Without licence fees, the school saves money and can use it to train
  53. the teachers or for technical support to disburden the teachers, and
  54. thereby improve the quality of teaching.
  55. </p>
  56. <h2>Intelligent savings on hardware</h2>
  57. <p>
  58. Free Software can be used with minimal hardware requirements on almost any
  59. hardware. Using and teaching Free Software also allows the school to
  60. save money on the purchases of computers and updates, and thereby reinvest it rather on grey matter.
  61. </p>
  62. <h2>Stability and Reliability</h2>
  63. <p>Free Software is stable, secure and reliable. Security and other updates can
  64. be implemented in a minute. Its maintenance is automated and thus time-saving.</p>
  65. <h2>Security</h2>
  66. <p>Free Software is impervious to current viruses.</p>
  67. <address>
  68. Free Software Foundation Europe<br/>
  69. Linienstrasse 141, 10115 Berlin, Germany<br/>
  70. E-Mail:<br/>
  71. Phone: +49-30-27595290<br />
  73. </address>
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