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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - March 2018</title>
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  7. <h1 id="fsfe-newsletter-march-2018">FSFE Newsletter March 2018</h1>
  8. <h2 id="italy-at-the-forefront-of-european-legislation-for-public-code">
  9. Italy at the forefront of European legislation for public code</h2>
  10. <p newsteaser="yes">With the FSFE&apos;s <a href="">
  11. Public Money? Public Code!</a> campaign not only do we demand that code
  12. paid for by the people should be available to the people. We also
  13. highlight good examples of public code so other decision makers can learn
  14. from it. One very good example is
  15. <a href="">
  16. Article 68</a> and
  17. <a href="">
  18. Article 69</a> of the &quot;Codice Amministrazione Digitale&quot;, an
  19. Italian law requiring public administrations inside Italy to prefer
  20. internally made solutions and Free Software solutions over proprietary
  21. ones. In addition, these administrations have the duty to share the source
  22. code and documentation of any software developed with public money.
  23. These laws put Italy at the forefront of European legislation in favour of
  24. public code.</p>
  25. <p>Unfortunately, so far the law lacks proper implementation. In that light,
  26. the FSFE&apos;s country team in Italy ran an
  27. <a href="">
  28. Ask Your Candidates campaign</a> in which they
  29. <a href="">asked the political
  30. parties about their stand on Free Software</a> and the implementation of
  31. the aforementioned Articles 68 and 69 after the national elections on
  32. March 4.</p>
  33. <p>FSFE Italy received very positive replies and many parties
  34. <a href="">took a
  35. favourable stand towards Free Software</a>. Such a big consensus across
  36. these parties gives hope to open up a lot of possibilities for progress
  37. towards the use of Free Software at the state level in Italy and a better
  38. implementation of Articles 68 and 69 of the &quot;Codice Amministrazione
  39. Digitale&quot;. As a match to this, the team &quot;Developers
  40. Italia&quot;, who are in charge of further implementation of the Articles
  41. 68 and 69,
  42. <a href="">sent
  43. out their love for Free Software</a> on I love Free Software day.</p>
  44. <h2 id="read-our-detailed-ilovefs-report">Read our detailed IloveFS
  45. report</h2>
  46. <p>As promised in the last newsletter, we now have a
  47. <a href="/news/2018/news-20180308-01">detailed report about our IloveFS
  48. campaign in 2018</a>. In the report, you will not only read about some
  49. highlights that happened for this year&apos;s IloveFS. Thanks to our
  50. current intern Jan, we also have an analysis and visualisation of 439
  51. &apos;I Love Free Software&apos; messsages containing the
  52. <em>&#35;IloveFS</em> hashtag. The scraper Jan used for his analysis is
  53. written in GNU R and <a href="">
  54. published as Free Software</a>.</p>
  55. <p>While every year we are happy to see so many people celebrating I
  56. love Free Software day, we also encourage you to express your Free
  57. Software love every day :)</p>
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  59. <p><a href="/join/nl2018-03">Join our community of freedom fighters.</a></p>
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  61. <h2 id="what-else-have-we-done-inside-and-outside-the-fsfe">What else have
  62. we done? Inside and Outside the FSFE</h2>
  63. <ul>
  64. <li>Paul Boddie reflects on
  65. <a href="">the hobbyism and
  66. volunteerism attitude</a> in many Free Software projects and what
  67. this means for the valuation of the actual work that is done,
  68. examining Python language development as an example.</li>
  69. <li>Isabel Drost Fromm
  70. <a href="">
  71. argues against people acting as mediators</a> as the only interface
  72. between their employer and a Free Software project.</li>
  73. <li>Carmen Bianca Bakker
  74. <a href="">
  75. reflects on the recently updated FreeBSD Code of Conduct</a>, examines
  76. the included dangers of positive discrimination, and states how
  77. a non-biased, welcoming Code of Conduct can indeed
  78. help dogs and cats to live happily ever after.</li>
  79. <li>Daniel Pocock
  80. <a href="">
  81. reflects on the newly-introduced SwissID</a>, and its potential dangers
  82. to privacy and democratic referendums.</li>
  83. <li>Erik Albers asked our community on multiple channels to let
  84. the FSFE know about upcoming Free Software events in 2018 that are
  85. of interest to the FSFE community. Thanks to our current intern
  86. Vincent they all ended up in <a href="">
  87. the FSFE&apos;s wiki calendar</a> so our teams and community can use
  88. them to organise their attendance.</li>
  89. <li>Björn Schießle, the FSFE&apos;s country coordinator Germany, gave a
  90. talk about
  91. <a href="">
  92. software freedom in the cloud</a> at &quot;Chemnitzer
  93. Linuxtage&quot; in Chemnitz, Germany.</li>
  94. <li>Erik Albers was giving a
  95. <a href="">
  96. talk about Public Money? Public Code!</a> at the Internet Freedom
  97. Festival in Valencia, Spain.</li>
  98. <li>The new born local FSFE group in Madrid had its first meeting on
  99. <a href="">
  100. February 22</a> and
  101. <a href="">
  102. March 3</a>.</li>
  103. <li>The FSFE has been present with a booth at &quot;Chemnitzer
  104. Linuxtage&quot; in Chemnitz (Germany), at T3chfest in Madrid
  105. (Spain), and at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia
  106. (Spain).</li>
  107. </ul>
  108. <h2 id="get-active">Get Active</h2>
  109. <p>If you have not done so yet, let us know your favorite Free Software
  110. event that you think is or should be in interest for the FSFE community to
  111. set up a booth at or participate in with a talk or workshop. The simplest
  112. way to do so is by sending a mail to <a href="mailto:contactATfsfeDOTorg">
  113.</a> with the subject &quot;Free Software event
  114. 2018&quot;. Please state what the event is about, how many participants
  115. are expected, and the main language used. Before informing us, please
  116. check if we do not already have it
  117. <a href="">
  118. in our list</a>.</p>
  119. <p>If you are visiting any other events regularly or soon, be it a big
  120. conference or a local meet-up, equip yourself with some FSFE promotion
  121. material that you can <a href="/promo">order at no charge</a>.</p>
  122. <h2 id="contribute-to-our-newsletter">Contribute to our newsletter</h2>
  123. <p>If you would like to share any thoughts, pictures, or news, send them to
  124. us. As always, the address is <a href="mailto:newsletterATfsfeDOTorg">
  125.</a>. We&#39;re looking forward to hearing from
  126. you!</p>
  127. <p>Thanks to our community, all the
  128. <a href="/contribute/contribute">volunteers</a>, <a href="/join">
  129. supporters</a> and <a href="/donate/thankgnus">donors</a> who make our
  130. work possible. And thanks to
  131. <a href="/contribute/translators/translators">our translators</a>, who
  132. enable you to read this newsletter in your mother tongue.</p>
  133. <p>Your editors, <br />
  134. Erik Albers and Max Mehl</p>
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  136. <p><a href="">Join our community of freedom
  137. fighters.</a></p>
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