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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - December 2016</title>
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  7. <h1 class="p-name">FSFE Newsletter - December 2016</h1>
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  9. Help us now to grow bigger and make a difference in 2017
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  12. This year, the FSFE celebrated its 15th birthday. 15 years of empowering users, supporting communities, and pushing for better legislation. 15 years during which we saw that all activities, even if considered small at the time, can become big when we work together. 15 years during which we saw that that all activities, even if considered impossible at the time, can succeed when we stand together. Together, we have even succeeded against the heaviest lobbying of large interest groups. All of this would not have been possible without the continuous support of our community, contributing thousands of hours of their work time and backing us financially. If you are a frequent reader of our newsletter, and you like our work but you are not yet part of our community ... then consider joining the FSFE!
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  15. Help us to grow bigger and make a difference in 2017:
  16. <a href=""> </a>
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  18. <h2 id="russian-bill-makes-free-software-a-public-priority">
  19. Russian Bill makes Free Software a Public Priority
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  22. In mid October, the
  23. <a href="">
  24. lower chamber of the Russian Federation ("Duma") approved a bill that will boost Free Software on multiple levels within the Russian Federation's public sector</a>. It requires
  25. the public sector to prioritise Free Software over proprietary alternatives,
  26. gives precedence to local IT businesses that offer Free Software for public tenders,
  27. and recognises the need to encourage collaboration with the global network of Free Software organisations and communities.
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  30. The legislators made an extra effort to ensure a proper use of language. The bill talks about "Free Software", explicitly mentions the four freedoms and even uses "GNU/Linux" to refer to the most widespread free operating system.
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  33. As our Policy Analyst Polina Malaja puts it: "The bill is an example of public software procurement done right."
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  35. <h2 id="what-else-have-we-done">What else have we done?</h2>
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  38. At the beginning of October there was the annual meeting of
  39. <a href=""> the General Assembly of the FSFE</a>. On
  40. this occasion Mirko Böhm, our current Fellowship representative, managed to untie the knot that was around our ideas to start evaluating "Free Software business". The genius might lie in not evaluating the companies but rather their activities. Matthias Kirschner summarised the whole background in his blog
  41. <a href="">"There is no Free Software company - But!" </a>
  42. and asks for feedback.
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  44. <li>
  45. After
  46. <a href="">
  47. asking the political parties for the state's election in Berlin about their plans regarding the use and spread of Free Software
  48. </a>
  49. and
  50. <a href="">
  51. sending them three recommendations for actions (DE)</a>, we have now
  52. <a href="">
  53. published an analysis of the coalition agreement of the new government in the state of Berlin (DE)</a>.</li>
  54. <li>
  55. Max Mehl writes a Report of Iron and Freedom and shares his memories from
  56. <a href=""> the OpenRheinRuhr 2016</a>
  57. which took place in Oberhausen. The FSFE was well represented with talks by
  58. <a href=""> Max Mehl</a>
  59. himself,
  60. <a href=""> Matthias Kirschner</a>, and
  61. <a href=""> Erik Albers</a>, as well as an international info booth by German and Dutch Fellows.
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  64. On November 12-13, the
  65. <a href=""> FSFE Country Team Netherlands </a>
  66. held a booth at
  67. <a href=""> T-Dose in Eindhoven </a>
  68. and organised a Dutch team-meeting in preparation of the upcoming elections in March.
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  71. On November 16-17, the FSFE's Policy Analyst and Legal Coordinator Polina Malaja participated by
  72. <a href="">
  73. giving a talk at the Open Source Summit 2016, that took place in Paris</a>.</li>
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  76. <p>Help us to grow bigger and make a difference in 2017:<a href=""> </a></p>
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  80. On November 23, Matthias Kirschner gave
  81. <a href="">
  82. a talk for the .Net User Group Berlin-Brandenburg, presenting a general overview of the FSFE's mission and projects</a>.</li>
  83. <li>
  84. Jonas Öberg, the FSFE's executive director, participated in
  85. <a href="">
  86. a panel about Freedom of Panorama, copyright, openness and democracy in Linköping Sweden</a>.</li>
  87. <li>
  88. The FSFE was also present with a Booth at
  89. <a href=""> the FIfFKon16 – in.visible systems </a>
  90. on November 25-27.
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  92. <li>
  93. On November 28-29,
  94. <a href="">
  95. Georg Greve, founding president of the FSFE, participated in a panel with MEP Julia Reda</a>, discussing
  96. the future of Free Software in the European institutions at DIGITEC 2016 in Brussels.
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  99. <h2 id="from-the-community">From the community</h2>
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  102. Erik Albers, the FSFE's community builder, tried to reach out and localise
  103. <a href=""> our noCloud slogan</a>
  104. with translations from all over the world. With the amazing help of Olga Gkotsopoulou, crowdsourcing went pretty well and in our wiki
  105. <a href="">
  106. we now have almost 40 translations in several languages and dialects, from Japanese, Breton and Arabic, to Luxembourgish and Swabian</a>. Erik summarised this activity
  107. <a href="">
  108. and ways you can still contribute to the noCloud translations</a>. We hope
  109. to use these translations to offer our favorite sticker in your own language or dialect soon.
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  112. For everyone working with the FSFE website, like the web team or many translators, Max Mehl wrote a
  113. <a href="">
  114. detailed explanation of how to locally build the whole FSFE website and then how to quickly build single XHTML files locally as well</a>.</li>
  115. <li>
  116. Paul Boddie discusses the various impacts of computers on our work time, our careers, our self-development, free time, and the potential fulfillment of life in his blogpost
  117. <a href=""> On Not Liking Computers</a>.</li>
  118. <li>
  119. Tarin Gamberini offers an overview of
  120. <a href="">
  121. the third monitoring after the adoption of Free Software PDF readers in Italian Regional Public Administrations</a>: ten Italian
  122. Regions have reduced advertisements for proprietary PDF readers on their websites.
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  124. <li>
  125. Iain R. Learmonth writes about
  126. <a href=""> PATHspider Plugins</a>.</li>
  127. <li>
  128. Daniel provides us with a
  129. <a href="">
  130. How-to for backing up and restoring data on Android devices directly via USB
  131. </a>
  132. and shares his expertise
  133. <a href=""> benchmarking microSD cards</a>.</li>
  134. <li>
  135. In the light of ever more Internet of things botnets,
  136. <a href="">
  137. Daniel Pocock starts a discussion about the security of home devices running GNU/Linux-based firmware</a>.</li>
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  139. <h2 id="take-action">Take action!</h2>
  140. <p>
  141. <a href="">
  142. Help us now to grow bigger and make a difference in 2017</a>.</p>
  143. <h2 id="good-free-software-news">Good Free Software news</h2>
  144. <p>
  145. Good news from public administrations in Europe and worldwide:
  146. <a href="">
  147. Hungary aims to create a standard Free-Software based PC desktop configuration for all its ministries and central government departments</a>.
  148. <a href=""> A parliament resolution</a>
  149. urging the government to draft a migration plan to Free Software solutions was adopted by the Parliament of Navarre in Spain.
  150. <a href="">
  151. France has added source code to the list of state documents covered by freedom of information laws</a>, but
  152. <a href="">
  153. introduces a new exception if disclosure would threaten government security</a>.</p>
  154. <p>
  155. Good news on European level:
  156. <a href=""> A Free Software FIWARE platform</a>, funded by
  157. the European Commission creates new IoT opportunities for businesses, while the Joint Research Centre (JRC), as part of its active Free Software distribution policy, released
  158. <a href="">
  159. Free Software for forestry and Internet risk awareness</a>.</p>
  160. <p>
  161. Under the light of the Transatlantic Open Data Partnership between EU-US,
  162. <a href="">
  163. a new R library for economic data was developed and published on GitHub</a>.</p>
  164. <p>
  165. And finally, in 2016, Linux has been running on 99,6%, or
  166. <a href="">
  167. 498 out of the top 500 fastest supercomputers in the world
  168. </a>.</p>
  169. <h2 id="help-us-to-improve-our-newsletter"> Help us to improve our newsletter</h2>
  170. <p>
  171. Do you think we have missed some news, or you'd like specific news to appear in the next newsletter? Please share this and any other feedback by writing to
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  173. <p>
  174. Thanks to all the
  175. <a href="">volunteers</a>,
  176. <a href="">Fellows</a>
  177. and
  178. <a href="">corporate donors</a>
  179. who enable our work,
  180. </p>
  181. <p>
  182. your editors Olga Gkotsopoulou and Erik Albers,
  183. <a href="">FSFE</a>
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  186. PS: Because of the holiday season there will not be a newsletter in January.
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