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  2. <html newsdate="2010-01-10" type="newsletter">
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  4. <title>FSFE Newsletter - December 2009</title>
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  7. <h1>FSFE Newsletter - December 2009</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">Despite the temperatures dropping below zero all over Europe and the
  9. Christmas holidays approaching, FSFE kept working as usual for software
  10. freedom. The major news of December are that we have begun to
  11. restructure our website, added Andreas Tolf Tolfsen as webmaster deputy
  12. coordinator, and published a statement on the EC's settlement with
  13. Microsoft in the browser antitrust case. Read on to learn more about
  14. what we did in December.</p>
  15. <p>Moreover, let us offer you our best wishes for a great and Free 2010!</p>
  16. <p align="right"><a href="">Giacomo Poderi</a></p>
  17. <h3>Table of Contents</h3>
  18. <ol>
  19. <li><a href="#1" name="TOC1">Fellowship Jabber meeting: What do your taxes buy? Free Software in the public sector, 21 Dec</a></li>
  20. <li><a href="#2" name="TOC2">Restructuring FSFE's website</a></li>
  21. <li><a href="#3" name="TOC3">The Fellowship interviews: Simon Josefsson</a></li>
  22. <li><a href="#4" name="TOC4">FSFE welcomes Andreas Tolf Tolfsen as core team member and webmaster deputy coordinator</a></li>
  23. <li><a href="#5" name="TOC5">November Fellowship grants</a></li>
  24. <strong>In the spotlight</strong>
  25. <li><a href="#6" name="TOC6">FSFE welcomes greater user choice in browsers, warns that Free Software is excluded from interoperability</a></li>
  26. <strong>It happened in the past</strong>
  27. <li><a href="#7" name="TOC7">Samba team receives Microsoft's interoperability information</a></li>
  28. <strong>Upcoming events</strong>
  29. <li><a href="#8" name="TOC8">Election for Fellowship GA seat</a></li>
  30. </ol>
  31. <p></p>
  32. <h3><a name="1"/>Fellowship Jabber meeting: What do your taxes buy? Free Software in the public sector, 21 Dec</h3>
  33. <p>Various Fellows participated in an interesting jabber meeting on Free
  34. Software in the public administration. Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's
  35. president, chaired the meeting and brought his sound experience on the
  36. topic into the chat-room. The ISO standardization process, Open
  37. Standards, procurement rules in the Netherlands, and Free Software in
  38. the Swiss Federal Court and Munich were discussed for nearly two
  39. hours. As usual the conversation went on much longer in an informal
  40. way, after the official closure of the meeting.</p>
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  44. <h3><a name="2"/>Restructuring FSFE's website</h3>
  45. <p>In order to make FSFE's work more accessible, the web team this month
  46. started work on a major restructuring of's content and
  47. usability. The website wasn't originally designed to include so many
  48. documents and information related to so many different domains: from
  49. the legal to the political, from the educational to the community
  50. oriented and more. The time has now arrived to improve its structure,
  51. and so that it can reflect the diversity and quality of FSFE's
  52. work. The web team's goal is to make our website easier to browse and
  53. to read, and make it possible to find information much faster. If you
  54. would like to help...join the web team!</p>
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  59. <h3><a name="3"/>The Fellowship interviews: Simon Josefsson</h3>
  60. <p>This month, Stian Rødven Eide interviewed Simon Josefsson. Simon is a
  61. Fellow and 'old' established GNU hacker with interest in security, who
  62. in November received the Nordic Free Software Award. His contributions
  63. to the Free Software world include such ubiquitous projects as GnuTLS
  64. and Libssh2. In the interview, Stian and Simon talk about differences
  65. between proprietary and Free Software in relation to security issues,
  66. discuss encryption, DNS and different projects that Simon is involved
  67. in, such as GnuTLS, GNU SASL and GSS. Read the interview at:</p>
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  69. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  71. <h3><a name="4"/>FSFE welcomes Andreas Tolf Tolfsen as core team member and webmaster deputy coordinatorg</h3>
  72. <p>After contributing to FSFE's web team for three years, Andreas Tolf
  73. Tolfsen has taken on the role of webmaster deputy coordinator within
  74. FSFE, becoming part of the European core team. Andreas is a Norwegian
  75. Free Software activists with years of experience on web design and web
  76. technologies. Together with Reinhard Muller, webmaster coordinator,
  77. Rolf Camps, deputy coordinator, and the web team, Andreas' first big
  78. challenge will be the restructuring of FSFE's website. At the same
  79. time, he will work on the setting up of a Norwegian country
  80. team. Welcome on board Andreas!</p>
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  83. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  85. <h3><a name="5"/>November Fellowship grants</h3>
  86. <p>The Fellowship grants project we launched in November generated a
  87. great response in the Free Software community. We received many
  88. outstanding applications by activists coming from all over Europe:
  89. choosing the first three people to receive the grants was not easy at
  90. all. Finally, Alexjan Carraturo from Italy, Ferdinand Thommes from
  91. Germany and Matija Šuklje from Slovenia stood out from the evaluation
  92. process due to their lasting and diverse contributions to Free
  93. Software. We welcome them in the Fellowship!</p>
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  98. <h2>In the spotlight</h2>
  99. <h3><a name="6"/>FSFE welcomes greater user choice in browsers, warns that Free Software is excluded from interoperability</h3>
  100. <p>FSFE congratulated the European Commission on pushing Microsoft to
  101. give users greater choice between different browsers. The settlement
  102. that the Commission reached on the Microsoft's browser case is an
  103. improvement from the scenario that FSFE criticised this October.</p>
  104. <p>In early 2010, Microsoft will provide the users of its operating
  105. systems with a ballot screen that should make it easy for users to
  106. chose between different web browsers. The screen will suggests various
  107. browsers available on the market, Free Software ones included.</p>
  108. <p>This settlement relates to only one of the two issues that Microsoft
  109. currently faces with the EU Commission. FSFE also congratulates the
  110. Commission for the decision to keep open the investigation on
  111. Microsoft's refusal to let other products interoperate with its own
  112. desktop programs. Microsoft has offered a voluntary commitment, but
  113. FSFE warns that this will not be enough for real competition to
  114. develop.</p>
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  118. <p>Relevant links:</p>
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  121. <li><a href=""></a></li>
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  124. <h2>It happened in the past</h2>
  125. <h3><a name="7"/>Samba team receives Microsoft's interoperability information</h3>
  126. <p>During December 2007, as a consequence of the drawn-out EU vs Microsft
  127. antitrust case, the Samba team was finally able to receive Microsoft's
  128. network interoperability information. The specifications were
  129. requested with a one-time access fee of 10.000 EUR for full access to
  130. crucial information. This event marked an important victory for
  131. competition in the IT market. It was a great achievement for Free
  132. Software, FSFE and the Samba team.</p>
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  134. <li><a href="">Press Release</a></li>
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  136. <h2>Upcoming events</h2>
  137. <h3><a name="8"/>Election for Fellowship GA seat</h3>
  138. <p>During the whole month of February 2010 it will be possible to vote
  139. for the second Fellowship representative in FSFE's General Assembly
  140. (GA). Fellows will soon have the chance to declare their candidature
  141. and to vote again for participation in FSFE's highest decision-making
  142. body. We encourage you to run for the second seat!</p>
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  147. <p></p>
  148. <p>You can find a list of all FSFE newsletters on</p>
  149. <a href=""></a>
  150. <p>You can join the Fellowship and find how to support us on</p>
  151. <a href=""></a>
  152. <a href=""></a>
  153. <p>You can order our merchandise at</p>
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