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nl-200512.en.xml 586B

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  2. <newsset>
  3. <news type="newsletter" date="2006-01-09">
  4. <title>FSF Europe newsletter</title>
  5. <body>
  6. Topics:
  7. Celebrating the 20th newsletter,
  8. Georg Greve at LACFREE in Recife in Brazil,
  9. Henrik Sandklef at Chalmers University in Gothenburg,
  10. Karsten Gerloff at the 22nd CCC in Berlin,
  11. Voicing security concerns against personal pressure,
  12. Free Software energy in Northern Ireland.
  13. </body>
  14. <link></link>
  15. </news>
  16. </newsset>