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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  2. <newsset>
  3. <news type="newsletter" date="2005-07-08">
  4. <title>FSF Europe newsletter</title>
  5. <body>
  6. Temi:
  7. WSIS/WSA Contributory Conference a Vienna,
  8. Tavola rotonda a Venezia,
  9. Dibattito sul brevetti software a Kiel (Germania),
  10. Conferenza ChaosControl a Vienna,
  11. Meeting della WIPO a Ginevra,
  12. GNU/Linuxtag a Karlsruhe (Germania),
  13. Memorandum di Karlsruhe sui brevetti software,
  14. Europython a Göteborg (Svezia),
  15. 1ere Conference Nationale de Logiciels Libres, Aleppo (Siria),
  16. Lobbying contro i brevetti software,
  17. Karsten Gerloff ha concluso il suo stage alla FSFE.
  18. </body>
  19. <link></link>
  20. </news>
  21. </newsset>