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Susanne Eiswirt 4061b30288 slider Francesca Bria (#1020) 4 months ago
bootstrap design details to CSS, introduzction 1 year ago
elements Fixes content is not clickable within figure (#1012) 5 months ago
pages merge master into branch 6 months ago
font-icon-no-js.less fixed nojs icons background 5 years ago
fonts.less Add latest fontawesome files and add become-a-supporter to header menu 2 years ago
fsfe.less slider Francesca Bria (#1020) 4 months ago
ie.less internet explorer fix! yeah 5 years ago
ie.min.css Removes the hover.less 6 months ago
print.css Update of contact address 3 years ago
rtl.css TODO arabic 5 years ago
style.less Fix the menu 6 months ago
valentine.less ilovefs style 5 years ago