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  4. <title>FSF Europe represents Free Software at OECD-Conference in Tokyo</title>
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  9. <h3>"FSF Europe presented Free Software at OECD workshop in
  10. Tokyo on invitation of the German Ministry of Economics and
  11. Technology"</h3>
  12. <p>(Tokyo, Japan) September 12th and 13th 2001, the FSF Europe presented
  13. the advantages of Free Software regarding "Information security in a
  14. networked world" at a OECD conference. Bernhard Reiter, German
  15. chancellor of the FSF Europe, represented the FSF Europe and other
  16. German groups related to Free Software on invitation of the German
  17. Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).</p>
  18. <p>The 15 minute talk titled "Free Software as standard and basis for a
  19. secure Information Technology" took place in the track about "Role of
  20. technical standards" on Thursday morning. It outlined the four
  21. fundamental freedoms for software to be Free Software, stressed the
  22. importance of Free Software for the internet and closed with examples
  23. for Free Software solutions like the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).</p>
  24. <p>"This successful collaboration between the FSF Europe and the BMWi
  25. shows that the Free Software community is being heard." says Georg
  26. Greve, President of the FSF Europe, "Free Software is a global
  27. phenomenon of international importance, it has to be treated as
  28. such. We will continue strengthening the internation cooperation and
  29. networking."</p>
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