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  2. <html>
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  4. <title>Free Software Foundation Europe - News - APRIL disassociates from FSFE</title>
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  6. <body>
  7. <h3>May 10th, 2004</h3>
  8. <h1>APRIL disassociates from FSFE</h1>
  9. <p>Today the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) complied with the
  10. explicit request to please remove the "Association for Promotion and
  11. Research in Libre Computing" (APRIL) from the list of associate
  12. organisations. The request was made by APRIL president and FSFE
  13. member Frederic Couchet along with his resignation from FSFE.</p>
  14. <p>The reasons provided by APRIL were accumulated cultural differences
  15. that made it difficult to continue cooperation on such a close
  16. level. The Free Software Foundation Europe thanks the Association for
  17. Promotion and Research in Libre Computing for vital support in the
  18. first years and hopes this step will make it easier to look beyond
  19. what sets us apart and concentrate on what we have in common
  20. instead. </p>
  21. <p>Both organisations wish to reaffirm strongly their firm
  22. cooperation. "This is parting as friends," says Frederic Couchet,
  23. president of APRIL. He continues: "When we decided to take this step,
  24. my feeling was that I should be consistent and not remain French
  25. representative of the FSFE while being president of APRIL."</p>
  26. <p>"A European culture may be arising, but cooperating across cultural
  27. boundaries is still not something you get taught in schools. It is
  28. very, very difficult," says Georg Greve, president of the FSFE. "We
  29. understand that APRIL feels the need for more cultural autonomy and
  30. respect that decision."</p>
  31. <p>There is no doubt that we will be working together in the future,
  32. whatever that may bring.</p>
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