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  4. <title>FSF Europe - About - Georg C. F. Greve</title>
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  8. <img src="greve.jpg" border="0" alt="[ Picture of Georg Greve ]" />
  9. <h1>Georg C. F. Greve</h1><h3>President</h3><h3></h3> <a
  10. href="">[ public key ]</a>
  11. </div>
  12. <h4>Working full-time for the FSF Europe since January 2001</h4>
  13. <p><a href="cv.txt">CV as plain text</a>.</p>
  14. <p>Responsibilities include European/Global coordination and planning
  15. for the FSF (Europe), supporting the local representatives in their
  16. work; also work on political and legal issues as well as projects and
  17. giving speeches or informing journalists to spread knowledge about
  18. Free Software.</p>
  19. <h3>Projects</h3>
  20. <p><a href="/projects/">Projects</a> Georg Greve is/has been working on for the FSF Europe:</p>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li><a href="/projects/fellowship/">Fellowship of FSFE</a></li>
  23. <li><a href="/projects/wipo/">World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)</a></li>
  24. <li><a href="/projects/wsis/">World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)</a></li>
  25. <li><a href="/projects/fp6/">6th Framework Programme of the European Commission</a></li>
  26. <li><a href="/projects/swpat/">Software Patents</a></li>
  27. <li><a href="/projects/ms-vs-eu/">Microsoft against the European Commission</a></li>
  28. <li><a href="/projects/fla/">Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA)</a></li>
  29. <li><a href="/projects/agnula/">AGNULA</a></li>
  30. <li><a href="/projects/gbn/">GNU Business Network</a></li>
  31. <li><a href="/projects/bgw/">Brave GNU World</a></li>
  32. <li><a href="/projects/gnu/">GNU's Not Unix!</a></li>
  33. <li><a href="/projects/eucd/eucd.html">EUCD</a></li>
  34. <li><a href="/de/projects/buergerturm/">Bürgerturm</a><br /><br /></li>
  35. <li><a href="">X.Org Foundation</a>, former interim board member</li>
  36. </ul>
  37. <h3>Events</h3>
  38. <p>Selection of a few <a href="/events/">events</a> Georg Greve has
  39. been attending in his work for the FSF Europe:</p>
  40. <ul>
  41. <li><a href="">UN WSIS Contributory Conference on ICT &amp; Creativity</a>, Vienna, Austria, June 2005</li>
  42. <li>United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Geneva, Switzerland, December 2003</li>
  43. <li>Information Society Technologies (IST) Conference &amp; Expo, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2002</li>
  44. <li>"Free Software Symposium 2002" Tokyo, Japan, October 2002</li>
  45. <li><a href="">Commission on Intellectual Property Rights</a>, London, UK, January 2002</li>
  46. </ul>
  47. <p><br />[ More information available in FSFE <a href="/events/">events section</a> and <a href="/news/newsletter.en.html">newsletter</a> ]
  48. </p>
  49. <h3>Articles/Documents</h3>
  50. <p>Selection of a few <a href="/documents/">articles and documents</a> Georg
  51. Greve has been working on during his work for the FSF Europe:</p>
  52. <ul>
  53. <li><a href="/documents/wiwo.en.html"><b>Towards a World Intellectual Wealth Organisation</b> - Supporting the Geneva Declaration</a></li>
  54. <li><a href="/documents/eur5greve.html"><b>Free Software in Europe</b> - European perspectives and work of the FSF Europe</a></li>
  55. <li><a href="/documents/fp6/">Recommendation and Expressions of Interest</a> for the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission</li>
  56. <li><a href="/documents/whyfs.html">We speak about Free Software</a> Initiative</li>
  57. </ul>
  58. <p><br />[ <a href="">More publications</a> available on <a href="">personal home page</a> ]
  59. </p>
  60. <h3>Videos</h3>
  61. <ul>
  62. <li><a href="">Interview with Georg Greve</a> explaining Free Software, commercial Free Software, and FSFE's view on multiple issues, such as copyright, patents, trademarks, WIPO and more. The interview was taken during the
  63. <a href="">UN WSIS Contributory Conference on ICT &amp; Creativity</a>, Vienna, Austria, June 2005.</li>
  64. </ul>
  65. <h3>Pictures</h3>
  66. <p>If you are looking for portrait pictures that can be
  67. used with interviews, articles and such, they are available
  68. on the <a href="">personal home
  69. page</a>.</p>
  70. <h3>More Information</h3>
  71. <p>More information about Georg Greve is available on his <a href="">Fellowship page</a>.</p>
  72. <p>Another possible source of information is his <a href="">Advogato account</a>.</p>
  73. <p>You could also read his <a href="">blog</a>.</p>
  74. <p>Even more information can be found on his <a href="">personal home page</a></p>
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