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<title>Upcycling Android</title>
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Our workshops
<h2 class="painted" id="about-the-workshops">About the Workshops</h2>
<p>In collaboration with local partners and groups the FSFE runs "Upcycling Android" workshops to help you with the technical part of upgrading your default Android phone with a Free Software operating system. You can read about how this works and why it matters on our <a href="/activities/upcyclingandroid/howtoupcycle.html">how to upcycle</a> page.</p>
<p>In these workshops you can usually bring certain devices for which our volunteers will try to help you with the upcycling process. In addition we also bring devices with us that you can use to play and tinker around. That means you do not necessarily need to flash your own phone during an Upcycling Android workshop. This way you can give it a try until you feel confident to do this with your own devices
in future. You can come to learn from others doing so, or if you are an experienced user you can come to help others.</p>
<p>Apart from directly helping users to upcycle their phone, our Upcycling Android workshops are also planned to be gatherings that bring diverse people together on the same topic. People who feel strongly about reducing e-waste and saving the environment have the chance to meet people who care about software freedom and empowering users to control technology - and vice versa. </p>
<p>Since we are working together with local groups, each workshop is unique and different. They happen in different places and locations, and each has a different focus. Some focus on installing Android alternatives; others might concentrate on installing full GNU/Linux replacements. But even within these categories they might differ in the operating system they concentrate on installing and they offer help with. You will find the full descriptions and information about participation in <a href="">our wiki-pages</a> (DE). Please read the descriptions carefully to be sure you choose the workshop that matches your interests. Find some general remarks for all workshops below.</p>
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<h2 class="painted" id="about-the-workshops">General remarks on the workshops</h2>
<p>If you visit one of our workshops please ensure that:</p>
<li>If you want to flash your phone, bring your device, power plug, data cable, and if possible also a laptop where you have the admin possibilities to install software necessary to use for flashing your phone.</li>
<li>In case you plan to flash your phone, make a backup first! All data on your phone will be erased during the process. Please inform yourself about how to back up the data on your phone within the IT system you are using.</li>
<li>Technology and hacking can be fiddly sometimes. Also this is not a phone flashing service. The teams running the workshops do this voluntarily and for the fun of it. Please bring some patience and be excellent to each other.</li>
<li>Our workshops adhere to our <a href="/about/codeofconduct.html">Code of Conduct</a>.</li>
<h2 class="painted" id="participate">Participate</h2>
<p>As already mentioned, each Upcycling Android workshop is quite unique. If you want to participate in one of our workshops please visit our <a href="">dedicated wiki page</a>. For each workshop you will find all the detailed information necessary to participate. Also you will find a list of past workshops there.</p>
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<a href="">List of workshops</a>
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