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<title>Legal Support Activities</title>
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<h1>Legal Support Activities</h1>
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As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, Free Software
Foundation Europe works to create general understanding and
support for Free Software and Open Standards. The following
activities are concrete actions that we take in the areas of
public awareness, policy advocacy and legal support.
Since its foundation in 2001, the FSFE has been working every
single day to further Free Software in Europe and beyond. With
our concrete activities, based upon the <a
href="/about/ourwork.html">three pillars of our work</a>, we
focus on protecting and extending user rights. Some of our
actions run for many years, some are aimed at short-term
developments, but all are part of our mission: empower users
to control technology.
Another major part of our work consists of continuous engagement
and background work. We are present at <a
href="/events/events.html">dozens of conferences</a> per year,
support and maintain an <a
href="/contribute/contribute.html">excellent community</a> and
provide it with helpful resources. Furthermore, we are a
prominent contact point for all questions and enquiries around
software freedom, Open Standards, and user rights. We also provide <a href="/freesoftware/legal/faq.html">basic education resources</a> on Free Software legal and licensing issues.
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Learn more about <a href="/freesoftware/legal/legal.html">legal
issues in Free Software</a> and our <a
href="/about/ourwork.html#legal">general approach in this
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<h2 class="center">More Legal Activities</h2>
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