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<title>FSF Europe - Brave GNU World</title>
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The Brave GNU World has been discontinued in 2004. This information is kept here
for archiving purposes.
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<h1>Brave GNU World</h1>
<p>Started in January 1999, the Brave GNU World is a monthly column
which has been released in nine languages[<a
href="#languages">*</a>] on the web and printed in the German
"Linux-Magazin," the "Linux Magazine" U.K., "Microsoftware" (a large
computer magazine in Korea) and the "Linux-Magazine" in France. That
might just make it the monthly column with the widest distribution
<p>The column was written by <a href="/about/people/greve/">Georg Greve</a>,
at that time President of FSFE, also for people with limited technical
background or limited knowledge about Free Software and the GNU
Project backgrounds and tried to give insights into different projects
or developments from the GNU point of view.</p>
<p>The home page of Georg's Brave GNU World can be found at
<a href="http://www.gnu.org/brave-gnu-world/">http://www.gnu.org/brave-gnu-world/</a>
<br />
<p><a href="bgw.html" name="#languages">[*]</a> English, German, French, Japanese,
Spanish, Korean, Portugese, Italian and Chinese.</p>
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