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This page contains the general etiquette and moderation policy governing the LN.
It is intended mostly for LN members or prospective members that what to know how to do something.
<title>The Legal Network - Etiquette and Moderation</title>
<p id="category"><a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">The Legal Network</a></p>
<h1>Legal Network Etiquette and Moderation Policy</h1>
All public facing contributions on the mailing list are moderated by
the FSFE to keep the discussion flowing and to maintain community and
We wish to build an online space for community building and working
towards solutions. Accordingly, we want to discourage communications
that can have a chilling effect on participation on the list.
<h2>Etiquette Guidelines for the Legal Network</h2>
<h3>General points of etiquette</h3>
Please respect the views of other participants on the list even if
you dont agree with them.
Be constructive. It is okay to disagree, and debate is encouraged.
However, please keep the dialogue positive and respectful.
Always keep the discussions civil, even if this can be difficult in
situations where you feel provoked and/or are passionate about a
topic. It is important to keep the discussion focused on the issues.
Do not bully, harass, or threaten other participants, whether on- or
off-list. It is up to each person on this list to participate in the
discussions as much or as little as they wish. You therefore do not
have the right to demand that another user supports their position
with a detailed argument or respond to your questions (for example).
<h3>Avoid frequent and rapid posting</h3>
As we are aware that many members of the Legal Network sign up to the
mailing list using their work email, moderation is therefore employed
in an attempt to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio. If an individual
on the mailing list posts frequently on a single topic within a short
period of time, the moderators can decide to place them on moderation
(a process explained below), in order to control the volume of mail
that the Legal Network mailing list pushes on to its members.
This has been adopted as there is a concern that a topic that gets
dominated by multiple postings by a few leaves no room for others to
productively participate; that a large volume of incoming mail can
cause established members to disengage from the discussion and/or
mailing list, and discourage newcomers from participating as they may
feel excluded or uninterested.
<h3>Avoid advertising and self-promotion, or promoting causes or commercial interests</h3>
Please refrain from advertising and/or self-promotion, soliciting
for commercial activity, as well as pressuring your fellow list
members into joining your pet causes. Do note that the mere mention
of a cause, interest, and/or commercial activity is not in itself a
reason for moderation, if it is relevant to a discussion.
In certain cases, a moderator may step in to place a particular user
under moderation for a period of time. This means that the particular
users emails are withheld for review by a moderator before they are
approved to go through to the mailing list.
Members placed under moderation will still be able to participate in
Network discussions. Being under moderation does not mean your
messages are blocked, nor that you are forbidden from participating
in the discussions.
When someone is placed on moderation, the fact of this and the
reasons for doing so are communicated to them offlist, to avoid
causing embarrassment or singling any particular person out.
If you have concerns about moderation, please direct your queries and
concerns to <a href="/contact">the FSFE</a>.
<description>Rules and procedures for the Legal Network.</description>