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  2. <html newsdate="2013-05-02">
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  4. <title>Illegal procurement favouring Microsoft killed in Portuguese court</title>
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  7. <h1>Illegal procurement favouring Microsoft killed in Portuguese court</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">On April 27, the administrative court of Almada, Portugal, declared a 550, 000 Euro contract between Microsoft and the municipality of Almada <a href="">to be illegal</a>. The technical specifications of the competition launched by the municipality prevented any company other than Microsoft and their partners to submit a proposal.</p>
  9. <p>This ruling is especially significant as it clarifies that a widely used procurement procedure is illegal. The procedure specified the name of Microsoft products instead of their general functional and technical requirements.</p>
  10. <p>Unfair tendering practices in Portugal have been repeatedly denounced by FSFE's Associate Organisation <a href="">ANSOL</a> and the <a href="">Portuguese Open Source Business Association ESOP</a>, who brought the case to court. They violate fundamental rules of fair competition and systematically exclude companies that provide services based on Free Software.</p>
  11. <p>FSFE welcome the court's decision, and calls on other European national courts to continue to systematically annul similarly discriminatory contracts.</p>
  12. <h3>More information </h3>
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  14. <li>The court's <a href="">decision</a> (pt)</li>
  15. <li>ESOP's <a href="">press release</a> about the ruling</li>
  16. <li>Open Forum Europe: <a href="">Discriminatory practices continue to plague IT public procurement across Europe</a></li>
  17. <li><a href="">FSFE's Contribution</a> to the European Commission consultation on the modernisation of European Union public procurement policy </li>
  18. <li>FSFE's work to <a href="">improve public procurement in Finland</a></li>
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