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<title>The Council of the Legal Network</title>
<meta name="description" content="Information about the FSFE's Legal Network Council."/>
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<p id="category"><a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">The Legal Network</a></p>
<h1>The Legal Network Council</h1>
<!-- What -->
The Council of the Legal Network assists the FSFE with managing
the Legal Network by providing the advice of expert members. It
operates with a collaborative attitude and takes into account
input from various sources, including interested parties,
prominent members, and the FSFE. The Council is consulted on the
prospective evolution of the Legal Network and operates as an
advisory board for the decisions taken by the FSFE.
<h2>Members of the Legal Network Council</h2>
The Council is a body of 6 FSFE Legal Network members. Each
member serves on the Council for 2 years, with 3 members swapping
out every year. Outgoing Council members nominate a Legal Network
member to take their place on the Council each year.
<!-- Who -->
The current members of the Legal Network council are:
<li>Catharina Maracke</li>
<li>Jessica Marz (Outgoing)</li>
<li>Martin von Willebrand</li>
<li>McCoy Smith</li>
<li>Michael Dolan (Outgoing)</li>
<li>Oliver Fendt (Outgoing)</li>
<li>Stefano Zacchiroli</li>