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  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>FSFE - Hardware and Infrastructure Donations</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <h2>Hardware and Infrastructure Donations</h2>
  8. <p>The Free Software Foundation Europe would like to thank all donors of
  9. equipment and other infrastructure for their support -- our hardware and infrastructure is an essential
  10. necessity for our work. We would in particular like to thank:</p>
  11. <ul>
  12. <li><em>2009-09-25</em>: <b>antilo AG</b> <br /> For the donation of a virtual server
  13. to run our internal VoIP Server on.</li>
  14. <li><em>2009-09-20</em>: <b>AMOOMA GmbH</b> <br /> For supporting us in the installation
  15. and initial configuration of our VoIP server.</li>
  16. <li><em>2007-03-21</em>: <b>Sun Microsystems</b> <br /> For the donation
  17. of one Sun Fire T1000 server (8 4-core CPUs, 16GB RAM, 2x 73GB harddisks). FSFE is running
  18. Fellowship and e-mail services on it.</li>
  19. <li><em>2006-05-20</em>: <b>Department of Informatics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden</b> <br />
  20. For the donation of one Dual Pentium III 1GHz machine with
  21. 2GB RAM and one IBM EXT300 disk cabinet with 14x 18 GB disk.</li>
  22. <li><em>2005-12-27</em>: <b>SAMSUNG Electronics Germany</b> <br />
  23. For the donation of six SAMSUNG X20 XVM 1730 V notebooks
  24. that are being put to good use by FSFE's crew in Hamburg,
  25. Gothenburg, Milano, Brussels, Frankfurt and Vienna; as well as
  26. the donation of one SAMSUNG Digimax V700 Digital Camera.</li>
  27. <li><em>2005-01-17</em>: <b>Hewlett-Packard Germany</b> <br />
  28. For the donation of two Compaq N2400 servers
  29. (Dual CPU, Pentium III 1GHz with 1GB RAM each).
  30. The machines have replaced our
  31. quite outdated web- and mailserver machines and
  32. are running core services of the Free Software
  33. Foundation Europe.</li>
  34. <li><em>2003-01-24</em>: <b>Department of Informatics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden</b> <br />
  35. For the donation of one Andataco disk cabinet with 3x 18 and
  36. 5x 9 GB disk, one
  37. Single Pentium III 600MHz machine, one Single Pentium III
  38. 450 MHz machine and one Dual Pentium II 450 MHz machine.</li>
  39. <br /><small>(list sorted by date, newest entry on top)</small>
  40. </ul>
  41. <h3>What we need</h3>
  42. <p>While you can always support our activities
  43. <a href="donate.html">financially</a> and by <a
  44. href="/contribute/contribute.html">getting
  45. active</a> yourself, we also have need
  46. for specific hardware for our activities.</p>
  47. <p>In particular, we are currently looking for</p>
  48. <ul>
  49. <li><b>Co-location rackspace for 5-7 servers</b> including Internet connectivity: We want
  50. to centralize our installations so that we are becoming more flexible when we need to change
  51. or add to our current installations. </li>
  52. <li><b>Server Hardware (rack-mountable)</b>: Anything helps.</li>
  53. <li><b>Backup hardware</b>: more specifically RAID systems, tape autochanger hardware
  54. (preferrably DLT). We also need tapes.</li>
  55. <li><b>Remote control devices</b>: power on/off, remote consoles etc.</li>
  56. </ul>
  57. <p>If you have other hardware that you consider donating and would
  58. like to know whether we have use for it, please contact <a
  59. href=""></a>.</p>
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