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  1. RewriteEngine On
  2. RewriteRule ^(.*)\.no.html /$1.nb.html [redirect=permanent]
  3. RewriteRule ^standards(.*) /projects/os$1 [redirect=permanent]
  4. RewriteRule ^education(.*) /projects/education$1 [redirect=permanent]
  5. RewriteRule ^ftf(.*) /projects/ftf$1 [redirect=permanent]
  6. RewriteRule ^stacs(.*) /projects/stacs$1 [redirect=permanent]
  7. RewriteRule ^gbn(.*) /projects/gbn$1 [redirect=permanent]
  8. RewriteRule ^law/eucd/(.*) /projects/eucd$1 [redirect=permanent]
  9. RewriteRule ^law(.*) /projects/law$1 [redirect=permanent]
  10. RewriteRule ^swpat(.*) /projects/swpat$1 [redirect=permanent]
  11. RewriteRule ^donate.html /donate/donate.en.html [redirect=permanent]
  12. RewriteRule ^2009$ /news/2009/nyr.html [redirect=permanent]
  13. RewriteRule ^2009/$ /news/2009/nyr.html [redirect=permanent]
  14. RewriteRule ^help$ /contribute/ [redirect=permanent]
  15. RewriteRule ^help/$ /contribute/ [redirect=permanent]
  16. RewriteRule ^help/index(.*) /contribute/contribute$1 [redirect=permanent]
  17. RewriteRule ^help/help(.*) /contribute/contribute$1 [redirect=permanent]
  18. RewriteRule ^help/web\.(.*) /contribute/web/web.$1 [redirect=permanent]
  19. RewriteRule ^help/(.*) /donate/$1 [redirect=permanent]
  20. RewriteRule ^press/(.*) /contact/$1 [redirect=permanent]