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<title>Training and Consultancy - FTF - FSFE</title>
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<h1>FTF: Training and Consultancy</h1>
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<p>We offer training courses across Europe covering everything from the basics of Free Software through to advanced governance and community interaction. We provide these courses to both commercial and non-commercial entities. Simply <a href="contact.html">contact us</a> to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to create a solution that fits your requirements and budget.</p>
The FTF offers workshops on a wide range of topics. Whether you
are just starting to engage with the Free Software world,
or whether you are in need of advanced supply chain licensing information,
the FTF can provide in-house or external workshops to help you
move your business forward.
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<p>We also offer commercial consultancy services at our dedicated offices or at a location of your choosing at competitive commercial rates. Our consultancy provision covers more than just education. We can help you manage projects, develop internal processes and communicate with the community. To find out more just <a href="contact.html">contact us</a>.</p>
<h4><a name="licenseselection"></a>Selecting a License</h4>
License selection for a Free Software project or product
can be one of the most important decisions you make:
the license influences how the community grows, how
contributions can be received and which business models
make sense around the software.
The FTF will advise you on license selection strategies
and examine the way you want to work in order to pick
the most applicable license for your software.
Typical license consulting will take about four hours,
depending on the complexity of the project and businesses
around it. Regular <a href="#rates">consulting rates</a> apply.
On-site consulting is available as well.
<h3><a name="rates"></a>Consulting Rates</h3>
Consulting by members of the FTF is at a rate of 150 EUR per hour
from any of our offices, or 100 EUR per hour for companies with
Fellows of the FSFE as employees.
On-site consulting is available as well, for standard rates
plus travel, accomodation and out-of-pocket expenses.
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