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  4. <title>FSCONS Conference 2010 - FSFE</title>
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  10. <h1 class="n">Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit 2010</h1>
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  12. <a href="">FSCONS</a> is the world's premier conference for social change in technology. It is proudly co-organised by the Free Software Foundation Europe. An unparalleled mix of international speakers will convene to discuss the process of liberating society with the principles of Free Software.
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  14. <h2 class="n">Divide and Reconquer</h2>
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  19. This year the FSFE will be hosting its own track. Our five talks form a series entitled 'Divide and Reconquer: regaining control of our communications', and includes speakers from software projects that are changing the future of the Internet.
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  22. Today, the majority of Europe's citizens communicate on-line, often hundreds of times a day. Employers demand it, communities desire it, yet nearly all digital communication proceeds through only a handful of globalised service providers. Whether emailing, social networking, blogging, conversing over VOIP, sharing files or researching data, control over what we say remains firmly out of our grasp.
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  25. In democratic society, strength lies in power being divided amongst citizens fairly and evenly. Individuals deserve control of their own actions and information in the digital age. Free Software offers us this control, through distributed, accessible and transparent ways of interacting.
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  28. 'Divide and Reconquer' invites you to engage with the empowering history of decentralised networks, understand how recent trends have concentrated control in irresponsible hands, and witness the most exciting tools available for taking the power back.
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  30. <h3>Talks</h3>
  31. <p>Visit the <a href="">FSCONS Divide and Reconquer page</a> for full details of scheduled talks.</p>
  32. <h2>Fellowship Workshops</h2>
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  34. FSFE will host a variety of workshops for FSFE fellows centered around campaigns to promote Free Software, and exploring new ideas within the organisation. These events are always popular, and offer a great opportunity for FSFE supporters to meet and discuss plans and projects.
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  37. Workshops will be advertised at FSCONS - look for notices at the conference reception, and posters at the FSFE Free Software Booth.
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  39. <h2>Free Software Booth</h2>
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  41. FSFE's Free Software Booth will be located at the entrance of the FSCONS conference building. As well as the opportunity to join the <a href="">FSFE Fellowship</a> and buy books and Free Software goodies, you'll also be able to meet FSFE staff and get answers to questions about all aspects of Free Software and what the organisation does.
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  44. FSFE warmly welcomes you to come and visit the booth.
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