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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <html>
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  4. <title>Unlock the handcuffs | Digital Restrictions Management</title>
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  7. <h1>Unlock the handcuffs</h1>
  8. <div class="inner-content">
  9. <p>There are plenty of devices and media that preserve our freedom. We can choose to live without digital handcuffs. We can buy media that we can use forever, in any format of our choice. With a little research, we can choose devices that do not lock us in.</p>
  10. <p>On a political level, we need to decide whether the copyright system should serve only publishers, or also society as a whole and future generations. Rather than preventing any digital reproduction, we need to support business models that respect our fundamental rights to liberty and privacy. We need to build a copyright system that benefits everyone, not just narrow business interests. Getting rid of provisions that limit citizens’ use of legally purchased content would be an important first step.</p>
  11. <h3>How to support</h3>
  12. <p> is maintained by the <a href="" target="_blank">Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE)</a>, which finances itself primarily through <a href="">donations</a>. If you cannot support FSFE with a donation, please become <a href="">a supporter of FSFE</a>. Of course FSFE is not the only organisation doing work in this area, on the right side you see other organisations. Please also support them in their work against DRM.</p>
  13. <h2>Thanks</h2>
  14. <p>While it may seem a commonplace statement, no collaborative effort ever becomes possible without people working together. For some people, that is an invisible effort, so we would like to thank them explicitly:</p>
  15. <p>The main design was contributed by Agnieszka "pixelgirl" Czajkowska of <a href=""></a>. Thank you very much!</p>
  16. <p>The entire site was set up by <a href="">Fernanda Weiden</a> in very short time. Thank you so much for your help!</p>
  17. <p>Thanks also go to the authors of <a href="">Drupal</a>, which we used to do this website, and all the people who are working to raise DRM awareness and all the other important issues we are facing.</p>
  18. </div>
  19. </body>
  20. </html>