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<title>FSFE - Thank you for your donation!</title>
<h1>Thank you for your donation!</h1>
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<img src="money.jpg" alt="Thank you for your donation!"/>
Your online donation has been processed.<br/>
Your donations sustain <a href="/work.html">our work</a>. We
publish our <a href="/about/funds/funds.html">financials</a> so you can
assure yourself that your money is put to good use.
<h2>What's next?</h2>
Unless you checked the "I want to remain anonymous" option, we will add
your name to our <a href="thankgnus.html">donors list</a>. We generally
use the name of the account holder or card holder for this; if you want
to be listed with a different name, please
<a href="">contact us</a>.
In any case, please note that it can take a few days until your name is
Additionally, you can include our
<a href="/about/graphics/sponsoring/sponsoring.en.html">Sponsoring buttons</a>
on your own web page to show your support for us.
In some countries, donations to us can be deducted from income tax.
Currently, this is the case in <a href="germany.html">Germany</a> and
<a href="switzerland.html">Switzerland</a>. If you need a donation
receipt, please
<a href="">get in contact with our office</a>.
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