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Reinhard Müller ca8dc2ffb6 Add Francesca to expense request list 2 years ago
.. replace fsfeurope email addresses 2 years ago Some cleanup and e-mail alias updates 3 years ago Add Francesca to expense request list 2 years ago
mail-signup.php STW: ability to subscribe to community mails (#760) 2 years ago
odtfill Replace /bin/bash with /usr/bin/env bash 2 years ago update paths after migration 2 years ago replace addresses, and thereby delete very outdated files 2 years ago introduce static response page for pdf petition 6 years ago
perdiem.php revert hiding of zero perdiem days 4 years ago
promotion.php Changed the server side min donation amount to 5 € #770 2 years ago
registerevent.php Fix operator precedence in date check. (#948) 2 years ago
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share.php add Mastodon 2 years ago Be more clean in encoding issues 2 years ago