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TODO items for web pages (unsorted):
* Have a list of volunteers on /contribute/web, /contribute/translators, and
/contribute/booth to give better credit to permanent volunteers. Should be
done with name lists which are stored in a language indepenedent file and
included dynamically with <dynamic-content>. At the same time, remove
volunteers from /about/team to avoid confusion.
* Change all .xsl scripts to use <dynamic-content> instead of just appending
the dynamic content to the end of the body.
* Make sure all non-dynamic *.xhtml files have a proper <timestamp> tag.
* Validate all HTML pages with (is this scriptable?)
* Make sure all documents are linked from /documents/documents whenever this
makes sense.
* Include a dynamic document list on the project pages using <dynamic-content>.
This will make it easier to add a new document related to a project.
* Include a dynamic news and events list on the project pages for those
projects where it makes sense.
* Include a dynamic leaflet list on the project pages for those projects that
have leaflets.
* Check all pages for outdated content and update them to be current. This is
certainly one for a rainy Sunday afternoon :-)
* Clean up .symlinks (actually they should be replaced by .htaccess redirects)
* Move files from /documents that actually belong to a project to their
respective /projects/* directory (for example wiwo). Don't forget to add a
redirect to not break old external links!
* Split the documents page into several pages, based on the current sections.
* Search the whole tree for broken links, external as well as internal (is this
* Create "braglist" (list of projects and documents) on personal pages (like
/about/greve) dynamically from document and project .xml files. Requires
adding an "author=" to documents and a "coordinator=" to projects.
* Scan the apache log for 404 errors resulting from external links and help
avoid them by adding page redirects.
* Make a separate page per year for news and events.
* Find some smart solution for page groups that have a kind of local menu in
[...] at the top of each page (like projects/swpat/* or projects/ftf/*)
* Find a better alternative for the focus system. Maybe just create different
versions of these pages that are sensitive to focus (actually only news,
events, projects, and documents lists)
* in internal/er.en.xhtml, allow for manual entry of name and email address
additionally to the possibility to select from the dropdown.
* in internal/er.en.xhtml, allow for presetting of fields through URL, like
* Add id to RSS so caching readers replace old versions of a news entry or
event with the new version istead of just adding the new version. The id
should be the same for all languages, so changing from untranslated to
translated shouldn't change the id.
* If there are seval related pages, I think the system should automatically
generade a menu like the [ foo | bar | baz | frob ] line at the top of the page.
(e.g. FTF, ThankGNUs, Software Patents, our SWPAT open letter campaign...)
* Create a table of content if there are more then 4 headlines on one page
(like mediawiki does in its defaults)
* ONLY IF EVERYTHING ELSE IS DONE: think about new TODO items ;-)