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otto 92825a4f7b Fix bug in firefox 9 years ago
jquery.validate-localization Updated JQuery validate plugin and added localizations 9 years ago
awstats_misc_tracker.js Making HTML 5 compatible 10 years ago
flattr.js merged all updated data from trunk into design, at revision 18962. build works on my machine 10 years ago
highlight.pack.js Actually committing the file is a good idea 9 years ago
identica-badge.js fixing syntax of changes in last commit 10 years ago
jquery.js Adding javascripts 10 years ago
jquery.validate.min.js Fix bug in firefox 9 years ago
leaflet.js add event map #11 9 years ago
map.js add event map #11 9 years ago
master.js #299 9 years ago
placeholder.js - Added license (cleared with simonp). 11 years ago