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New FSFE staff member Alexander Sander: EU public policy programme manager</title>
New FSFE staff member Alexander Sander: EU public policy programme manager
<p>The Free Software Foundation Europe is happy to welcome our newest staffer Alexander Sander. Alexander is hired as our new EU public policy programme manager and works full-time in the FSFE's Berlin office. In this position, Alexander mainly works with us on policy topics covering Free Software and Open Standards issues at the EU and member state level and helps us identify and monitor EU policy developments to alert the FSFE's network on relevant issues.</p>
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<a href="/about/people/sander/sander.html"><img src="/about/people/sander/sander-400px.jpg" alt="Alexander Sander" /></a>
<p>Alexander Sander</p>
<p>At the end of May, the FSFE <a href="/news/2018/news-20180529-01">looked</a> for a EU public policy programme manager to work with us full-time and now Alexander Sander has joined our team.</p>
<p>Alexander studied politics in Marburg and later became an MEP Assistant in Brussels for three years and the General Manager of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. in Berlin for four years. Furthermore, he is the founder of "NoPNR!", a campaign against the retention of travel data. He is also a Member of the Advisory Board of the "ZMI Gießen" and the "Initiative gegen Totalüberwachung e.V." </p>
<p>We look forward to working with Alexander on our path towards a free society. You can directly get in contact with Alexander via <a href="">email</a> (<a href=";search=0x36411F3E916C2B2C">PGP</a>). </p>
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