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<html newsdate="2014-05-28">
<title>FSFE: 33 Free Software Pact supporters elected to the European Parliament</title>
<h1>FSFE: 33 Free Software Pact supporters elected to the European Parliament</h1>
The European elections have brought 33 Free Software supporters into the new European Parliament. Candidates across the political spectrum signed the <a href="">Free Software Pact</a>, promising to support Free Software and Open Standards during their time in Parliament. Out of 162 signatories, 33 were elected</p>
<p>"We congratulate the fresh MEPs on their election, and would like to thank everyone who signed the Free Software Pact," says Karsten Gerloff, president of the Free Software Foundation Europe. "Europe deserves more software freedom. We rely on these MEPS to make sure that Europeans can be in full control of the computers they use. FSFE will be happy to support them in this important effort."</p>
<p>The Free Software Pact campaign is run by <a href="">April</a> and supported by FSFE and other Free Software organisations. Candidates who signed the pact stated their support for Free Software and Open Standards in politics, law and administration. Free Software activists all over Europe collected 162 signatures from candidates across the political spectrum in 16 countries. France is Europe's country with the highest number of successful elected signatories, followed by Germany and the Netherlands.</p>
<p>FSFE's outreach coordinator Erik Albers says: "Please join us in continuing the push for software freedom in the Parliament. Contact your Member of the new European Parliament and get her or him to sign the Free Software Pact! Europe needs their support for Free Software and Open Standards."
More information:
<li><a href="">April's press release on the Free Software Pact results in France</a></li>
<li><a href="">List of all Free Software Pact signatures</a></li>
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