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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Please keep each list alphabetically ordered. Emacs users want to set
sort-fold-case to true and run sort-lines on a region. Vi+ users can
visually select the list and use the :sort command.
The date="..." should be filled with the last date when a donation from this
donor came in. It is important for the "current" thankgnus page.
Currently, the date="..." may only be set in a single xml file for the same
donor, so if you add a donor to a file of the new year, don't forget to
remove the date="..." in the old year's file.
<donor img="donors/google.jpg">Google</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-29" img="donors/intel.png">Intel</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-20" img="donors/linuxfoundation.png">Linux Foundation</donor>
<donor img="donors/linuxhotel.png">Linuxhotel Villa Vogelsang</donor>
<donor img="donors/redhat.png">Red Hat</donor>
<donor date="2017-10-27" img="donors/siemens.png" mark="yes">Siemens</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-2ndquadrant.png">2ndQuadrant</donor>
<donor date="2017-07-17" img="donors/silver-arm.png">ARM</donor>
<donor date="2017-03-21" img="donors/silver-credativ.png">credativ GmbH</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-endocode.png">Endocode AG</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-freiheit.png"> technologies</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-03" img="donors/silver-heinlein-support.png">Heinlein Support GmbH</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-hp.png">HP</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-intevation.png">Intevation GmbH</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-kdab.png">KDAB Group</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-oin.jpg">Open Invention Network</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-sflc.png">Software Freedom Law Center</donor>
<donor img="donors/silver-sysmocom.png">sysmocom - s.f.m.c. GmbH</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-29">Thomas Etter</donor>
<donor>Adler-Apotheke Ahrensburg, Dr. Martin Zuther e.K.</donor>
<donor date="2017-09-10">Alexander Kahl (-09/2017)</donor>
<donor date="2017-03-23">Amadeus IT Group</donor>
<donor date="2017-03-23">Andrew Wilson</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-15">Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG)</donor>
<donor>Bibliotek-Systemer As</donor>
<donor date="2017-02-22">Bird &amp; Bird</donor>
<donor>Björn Persson</donor>
<donor date="2017-06-19">CFEngine</donor>
<donor>Christian Wasserthal</donor>
<donor>Florian Westphal</donor>
<donor> systeme + software</donor>
<donor>Holger Kienle</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-19">imunixx GmbH</donor>
<donor>Ingenieurgemeinschaft IgH</donor>
<donor> GmbH</donor>
<donor>ITOMIG GmbH</donor>
<donor>Joachim Zobel</donor>
<donor>Johannes Krampf</donor>
<donor>LIHAS - LinuxHaus Stuttgart</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-30">Marco Poli</donor>
<donor>Mario Lardieri</donor>
<donor>Martin F. Krafft</donor>
<donor>Martin Knoblauch (Knobisoft)</donor>
<donor>Pascal Cedraschi</donor>
<donor>René Genz</donor>
<donor date="2017-03-15">Simon Harhues</donor>
<donor>Stephan Kreutzer</donor>
<donor>Thomas Kahle</donor>
<donor date="2017-12-21">Univention GmbH</donor>
<donor>Wolfgang Ocker</donor>