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  2. <html newsdate="2009-04-14">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>FSFE seeking Executive Director</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <h1>FSFE seeking Executive Director</h1>
  8. <h2>Job description</h2>
  9. <p>FSFE was established in 2001 as a multi-cultural distributed
  10. organisation with volunteers and staff distributed across various
  11. European countries. Its approach is that of a result driven NGO with
  12. emphasis on constructive dialogue for lasting political and legal
  13. change. As an environment FSFE has grown out of the Free Software
  14. community and is ideally suited to motivated individuals capable of
  15. driving projects and initiatives forward.</p>
  16. <p newsteaser="yes">It will be the responsibility of the Executive Director to coordinate
  17. FSFE's day-to-day affairs through working with a mixed team of
  18. volunteers and employees. Further responsibilities include management
  19. of the organisational assets according to the priorities set by the
  20. General Assembly and coordination of the Executive Council.</p>
  21. <h2>Responsibilities</h2>
  22. <ul>
  23. <li> Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the
  24. organisation, including</li>
  25. <ol>
  26. <li> Coordination of the Executive Council, consisting of Executive
  27. Director, President and Vice President;</li>
  28. <li> Coordination and motivation of mixed teams, including both
  29. volunteers and staff;</li>
  30. <li> Planning, budgeting and executing projects to reach strategic
  31. objectives of the organisation;</li>
  32. <li> Controlling the cash flow and budgeting of the organisation;</li>
  33. <li> Reporting to the General Assembly about fulfillment of strategic
  34. objectives, and potential adjustments during the year;</li>
  35. <li> Representation of the organisation towards the public;</li>
  36. <li> Fundraising and representation towards donors;</li>
  37. </ol>
  38. <li> Work with the General Assembly to determine priorities and identify
  39. ways to achieve objectives.</li>
  40. </ul>
  41. <h2>Qualification</h2>
  42. <ul>
  43. <li> University degree, or similar</li>
  44. <li> Knowledge of Free Software Community</li>
  45. <li> Business experience and understanding of non-profit management</li>
  46. <li> Knowledge of financial management and accounting</li>
  47. <li> Knowledge of staff management</li>
  48. <li> Proficient in use of Free Software applications, such as GNU/Linux,
  49. and others.</li>
  50. <li> Proficient in English</li>
  51. <li> Additional languages are beneficial, especially German</li>
  52. </ul>
  53. <h2>Personality</h2>
  54. <ul>
  55. <li> Good communicator and interpersonal skills</li>
  56. <li> Result-oriented team player</li>
  57. <li> Good organisation and structuring skills</li>
  58. <li> Problem solving ability</li>
  59. <li> Adaptability</li>
  60. </ul>
  61. <h2>Working Conditions</h2>
  62. <ul>
  63. <li> The executive director usually works in an office environment, but
  64. the mission of the organization may sometimes take them to non
  65. standard workplaces. Work from the home office is possible.</li>
  66. <li> The executive directors works a standard work week, but
  67. additionally will regularly have work on evenings, weekends, and
  68. overtime hours to accommodate activities such as meetings of the
  69. General Assembly and representing the organisation at public
  70. events.</li>
  71. </ul>
  72. <h2>Rewards</h2>
  73. <ul>
  74. <li> The position of Executive Director will provide many opportunities
  75. to work in a stimulating environment with people from different
  76. cultures on relevant issues that will continue to affect our
  77. societies for the decades to come.</li>
  78. <li> FSFE is unique in its structure and work as a decentralised
  79. international organisation with different activities and a mix of
  80. enthusiastic volunteers and staff in various countries.</li>
  81. <li> FSFE offers the opportunity to meet people from different areas of
  82. competency, and the chance to learn much about a variety of areas,
  83. such as technology, politics, and law.</li>
  84. <li>FSFE provides a high-responsibility and high-opportunity
  85. environment for people who like to work self-motivated and enjoy to
  86. shape their own working environment and projects to a high degree.</li>
  87. </ul>
  88. <h2>Further Information</h2>
  89. <ul>
  90. <li> The legal statutes of FSFE, which also partially define the role of
  91. the Executive Director, are available online at
  92. <a href="/about/legal/constitution.html"></a></li>
  93. <li> FSFE's financial development over the past years is available at
  94. <a href="/about/funds/funds.html"></a></li>
  95. </ul>
  96. <h2>How to apply</h2>
  97. <p>If you are interested in the position, please direct your
  98. application to the FSFE Executive Council at council -- AT --
  99., including a current CV and a letter of
  100. motivation. Please provide all information
  101. in <a href="/activities/os/">Open Standards</a>
  102. and <a href="">do
  103. not send Microsoft Word documents</a>.</p>
  104. <p>We will review all applications and seek personal interviews with
  105. the most promising applicants. In case you are accepted for the
  106. position, you should be prepared to join the General Assembly 19-21
  107. June in Miraflores de la Sierra, Spain.</p>
  108. </body>
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  110. </html>
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