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  2. <html newsdate="2009-01-20">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>Web browser interoperability: FSFE welcomes EC's decision and offers support</title>
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  7. <h1>Web browser interoperability: <br />FSFE welcomes EC's decision and offers support</h1>
  8. <p>On the 16th of January the European Commission DG Competition reported
  9. that it had issued a statement of objections regarding Microsoft's
  10. tying of Internet Explorer (IE) to the Windows Operating System
  11. product family. This action builds on a complaint originally
  12. submitted by Opera, a European company involved in web browser
  13. development.</p>
  14. <p newsteaser="yes">Free Software Foundation Europe welcomes the European Commission's
  15. decision and offers its support in the coming anti-trust
  16. investigation. As stated previously in a letter to the European
  17. Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, anti-competitive behaviour is
  18. unacceptable, whether it occurs as 'tying' products with dominant
  19. market segments, or in circumventing standards and fair access.</p>
  20. <p>"Web browsers are becoming a critical platform for home and business
  21. computing," says Shane Coughlan, legal coordinator at FSFE. "The
  22. market previously failed to prevent unfair distortion of the desktop
  23. environment and we cannot allow such practices to be repeated."</p>
  24. <p>"It is important that no business in Europe is allowed to institute
  25. any policy of embracing, extending and extinguishing competition
  26. either through manipulation of interoperability information or through
  27. abuse of a dominant position by unfair tying and bundling of
  28. products," says Georg Greve, FSFE President. "Microsoft is a company
  29. that has previously been convicted of market distortion in the Work
  30. Group Server market, and we would welcome if the Commission also took
  31. up the antitrust complaint initially lodged in early 2006 by the
  32. European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) regarding market
  33. abuse in other areas."</p>
  34. <p>For FSFE's previous statement on this issue please see: <a
  35. href=""></a></p>
  36. <p>For FSFE's letter to the European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes
  37. please see: <a
  38. href=""></a></p>
  39. <h2>About the Free Software Foundation Europe</h2>
  40. <p>The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is a non-profit non-governmental
  41. organisation active in many European countries and involved in many global
  42. activities. Access to software determines participation in a digital society.
  43. To secure equal participation in the information age, as well as freedom of
  44. competition, the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) pursues and is
  45. dedicated to the furthering of Free Software, defined by the freedoms to use,
  46. study, modify and copy. Founded in 2001, creating awareness for these issues,
  47. securing Free Software politically and legally, and giving people Freedom by
  48. supporting development of Free Software are central issues of the FSFE.</p>
  49. <p>You will find further information about the work of the FSFE at <a
  50. href=""></a>.</p>
  51. <h2>Press contact:</h2> <a href="">greve @</a>
  52. <h2>Contact</h2>
  53. <ul>
  54. <li>Belgium: +32 2 747 03 57</li>
  55. <li>Germany: +49 700 373 38 76 73</li>
  56. <li>Sweden: +46 31 7802160</li>
  57. <li>Switzerland: +41 43 500 03 66</li>
  58. <li>UK: +44 29 200 08 17 7</li>
  59. </ul>
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