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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <html newsdate="2009-06-10">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>GA 2009: Spanish Team Meeting &amp; Social Event</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <h1>GA 2009: Spanish Team Meeting &amp; Social Event</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">
  9. FSFE's Spanish team is proud to invite all people interested in Free
  10. Software to a team meeting in order to set the group's agenda for next
  11. months. The meeting will take place alongside FSFE's 2009 General
  12. Assembly in <a href="">Residencia La
  13. Cristalera</a> near
  14. <a href=";lon=-3.7615&amp;zoom=14&amp;layers=B000FTF">Miraflores
  15. de la Sierra</a>, Madrid. After the meeting there will be a Social
  16. Event with the opportunity to meet and get to know various people from
  17. FSFE's <a href="/about/team.html">Executive Team</a>
  18. and <a href="/about/members.html">General Assembly</a> who have come
  19. to <a href=";lon=-3.7615&amp;zoom=14&amp;layers=B000FTF">Miraflores
  20. de la Sierra</a>, Madrid, for the yearly meeting to discuss and decide
  21. upon <a href="">FSFE</a>'s strategy for the coming
  22. year.</p>
  23. <p>
  24. Recent events related to Free Software in Spain put issues of software
  25. freedom into the focus of the media. FSFE's Spanish Team feels it is
  26. time to dive deeper into action, and as a consequence a series of
  27. events and projects are now being started, leading up to an official
  28. presentation of FSFE and its Spanish Team in November.
  29. </p>
  30. <p>
  31. To give an opportunity for new members to join and also strengthen the
  32. existing team, FSFE has prepared a special meeting on the 20th of
  33. June, to coincide with FSFE's 2009 General Assembly meeting.
  34. </p>
  35. <p>
  36. The Spanish Group will present the aims, procedures and the agenda, followed
  37. by a round table to discuss the next steps. Everybody is invited to
  38. participate and to help shaping the future of Software in Spain and Europe
  39. towards more freedom.
  40. </p>
  41. <p>
  42. After the meeting, attendees will meet FSFE's General Assembly members
  43. at social event at La Cristalera's gardens. It's a great opportunity
  44. to get to know each other, to continue thinking about the bits and
  45. bytes of freedom and to enjoy an entertaining evening with friends
  46. and <a href="">Fellows</a>.
  47. </p>
  48. <h2>FSFE Spanish Group Meeting in Miraflores, Madrid, 20th June</h2>
  49. <table>
  50. <tbody>
  51. <tr>
  52. <td>Reception</td>
  53. <td> 16:30 h.</td>
  54. </tr>
  55. <tr>
  56. <td>FSFE's Spanish Team presentation</td>
  57. <td> 17:00 h.</td>
  58. </tr>
  59. <tr>
  60. <td>Round Table</td>
  61. <td> 18:00 h.</td>
  62. </tr>
  63. <tr>
  64. <td>Social Event together with GA members</td>
  65. <td> 20:00 h.</td>
  66. </tr>
  67. </tbody>
  68. </table>
  69. </body>
  70. </html>
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