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George Brooke-Smith 7fc1135bb4 Banner 2 years ago
bootstrap increase h4 size and margin-top 5 years ago
images add event map #11 9 years ago
fellowship.less removed the motto from the frontpage of fellowship 7 years ago
fellowship.min.css add mastodon capability for share buttons but do not use it yet 3 years ago
font-icon-no-js.less fixed nojs icons background 7 years ago
fonts.less Add latest fontawesome files and add become-a-supporter to header menu 3 years ago
fsfe.less Banner 2 years ago
fsfe.min.css Banner 2 years ago
generic.css ticket 469: change padding for pre-selector 7 years ago
genericv.css - some littles arrangements for the ILOVEFS-day css 8 years ago
grid.css added clear both after last grid element 8 years ago
hover.less applying the new design, let’s see 7 years ago
ie.less internet explorer fix! yeah 7 years ago
ie.min.css p-summary class 7 years ago
input.css added keywords and description meta tags, fixed CSS errors with cwfs and contact 9 years ago
jqvmap.css adding a map of fellows in Europe based on Free Software jquery plugin 6 years ago
leaflet.css add event map #11 9 years ago
pdfreaders.less pdfreaders less file, easy start 7 years ago
print.css Update of contact address 4 years ago
rtl.css TODO arabic 7 years ago
rtl.css.old save the previous rtl css file 7 years ago
sections.css Introducing sections: For specifying styles for specific sections of 9 years ago
style.less try to improve plausibility check 3 years ago
valentine.less ilovefs style 7 years ago
valentine.min.css Exchange first slide on front page with PMPC (#432) 3 years ago