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<title>FSF Ewrûpâ - Free Software Foundation Ewrûpâ</title>
<h1 class="centre">Free Software Foundation Ewrûpâ</h1>
<p class="tagline">"Azâd wek nâv azâdî"</p>
This is in urgent need of update. We need to get hold of a
Kurdish translator. (ato)
Welcome to the home page of the Free Software Foundation Europe.
The FSF Europe was launched on 10 March 2001 and supports all
European aspects of Free Software; especially the <a
href="documents/gnuproject.html">GNU Project</a>. We are actively
supporting development of Free Software and furthering GNU-based
Operating Systems such as GNU/Linux. Also, we provide an assistance
centre for politicians, lawyers and journalists in order to secure
the legal, political and social future of Free Software.
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<translator>Abdullah Ulas</translator>
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