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<title>Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe</title>
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<strong>The Fellowship</strong> is the primary way
people can identify with and support the <strong>Free
Software Foundation Europe</strong>. It provides
<strong>collaborative tools</strong> for supporters to
describe what they are doing and interact with each
other. The Fellowship is a society for people who want
to help the Free Software movement
<h2>Increase FSFE's financial independence!</h2>
Supporting freedom can mean having to be straightforward at
times and that requires financial independence. With your yearly
contribution, you lay the foundations for incorruptible and
undeviating work.
<h2>Increase FSFE's political weight!</h2>
Supporting freedom can mean having to stand up against powerful
opponents and that requires a strong voice. Your support adds
weight to FSFE's message and increases its impact on political
decision makers.
<h2>Increase FSFE's workforce!</h2>
Supporting software freedoms all over Europe requires helpers
with vital local knowledge. As a Fellow, you can become FSFE's
eyes, ears and hands wherever you live.
<h2>Local meetings</h2>
<a href="">Active Fellowship
groups</a> are emerging in more and more European cities. These groups
allow Fellows from an area to meet and get to know one another. Groups
undertake activities ranging from a comfortable beer to running public
awareness <a href="">events</a>.
<h2>As a Fellow, you get:</h2>
<li>An <em></em> mail forwarding alias, a visible sign
of your affiliation to Free Software Foundation Europe.</li>
<li>A personal login to the Fellowship website, which includes
a <a href="">blogging platform</a> and
a <a href="">wiki</a>.</li>
<li>Access to our instant messaging system, where
you can meet other Fellows and exchange experiences.</li>
<li>A personalised <a href="/fellowship/card.html">OpenPGP
smart card</a>, putting you at the forefront of those who are
aware of privacy issues, security and digital
<h2>Decide for yourself!</h2>
As a Fellow, you decide how involved you want to get: from simple (and
much appreciated) financial support, over contributing to <a
href="/fellowship/communicate.html}">discussions online and at
Fellowship meetings</a>, to becoming an elected representative of the
Fellowship on FSFE's General Assembly - everything is possible.
<h2>Join today!</h2>
You can <a href="">join the Fellowship
now</a> (also see the FAQ about our <a
href="">secure website policy</a>).
If you have any questions about the Fellowship, please do not hesitate to
<a href="/fellowship/contact.html}">contact us</a>.
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