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<title>FSF Europe - Background</title>
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<p> In this section you can find some information about
Free Software, the GNU Project, the Free Software
Foundation and FSF Europe.</p>
<h3>Questions you might have about the FSF Europe</h3>
<p> <a href="documents/whyweexist.html">Why do we exist?</a></p>
A brief summary of the reasons for the FSF Europe and an introduction into its goals.
<p> <a href="documents/whatwedo.html">What do we do?</a></p>
A brief summary of what the FSF Europe does to achieve its goals.
<p> <a href="documents/freesoftware.html">What is
Free Software?</a></p>
A short lexicon-like text explaining what Free Software
<p> <a href="documents/gnuproject.html">What is
the GNU Project?</a></p>
A short lexicon-like text explaining what the GNU-Project
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