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<html newsdate="2015-03-31">
<title>FSFE supports Hellwig's GPL compliance lawsuit</title>
<h1>FSFE supports Hellwig's GPL compliance lawsuit</h1>
<p>FSFE welcomes
the <a href="">action</a>
which Christoph Hellwig and the Software Freedom
Conservancy are taking to bring VMware into compliance
with the GNU General Public License.</p>
FSFE's president Karsten Gerloff comments: "Free Software
is a public resource, and it is governed by legal rules
and social norms. Anyone who draws on this resource
without respecting those rules and norms does damage to
the community at large. The great majority of such
problems are successfully resolved through dialogue and
goodwill. It is only when dialogue fails that legal steps
become necessary in order to protect this resource which
we all share.
While FSFE regrets that this lawsuit has arisen, we
believe that safeguarding Free Software against those who
try to appropriate for themselves what belongs to us all
is of the utmost importance.
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