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<title>About Free Software Foundation Europe - Team</title>
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<p id="category"><a href="/about/">About</a></p>
<h1>The FSFE Team</h1>
These people are working for and with the FSFE on a regular basis,
so they have been given permanent responsibilities and authorities for
certain areas.
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<h2 id="council">Executive Council</h2>
The Executive Council is responsible for larger budgeting questions and the
implementation of strategic guidelines.
<council-members />
<h2 id="core">Central teams</h2>
Here you can find people working on day to day tasks of the
organisation on a voluntary or paid basis around core issues, as well
as the members of the <a href="/about/legal/legal.html">legal
association</a>. You can either see everyone working in these groups,
or see a selection.
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<input name="filter-teams" type="radio" onclick="selectTeam('employee')" />Employees/Contractors
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<h2>Local Teams</h2>
<p>Are you looking for a local contact to get active, or just to learn
more about Free Software and the FSFE? In more and more European cities,
local FSFE groups form to make a difference. To see if there is already
a group in your area, please visit our
<a href="">local groups overview</a>.</p>
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