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continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing Details
Add a search functionality (Fixes #739) (#1635)
Co-authored-by: max.mehl <>
Co-authored-by: Vincent Lequertier <>

Reviewed-on: #1635
3 years ago
bootstrap fixing internet explorer. I hate you 9 years ago
data-tables Remove a few unneeded files causing issues because of blanks in filenames 4 years ago
jquery.validate-localization Updated JQuery validate plugin and added localizations 11 years ago
addrow.js add form for reimbursement claims and credit card statements 3 years ago
bootstrap-3.0.3.custom.js Switch mobile menu to a Javascript-less implementation 3 years ago
bootstrap-3.0.3.min.js applying the new design, let’s see 9 years ago
filter-teams.js Refactor team page (#1322) 3 years ago
identica-badge.js added license notes 10 years ago
jquery-3.5.1.min.js update jquery 3 years ago update jquery 3 years ago
less.min.js Add a runtime css build 4 years ago
lunr-2.3.9.min.js Add a search functionality (Fixes #739) (#1635) 3 years ago
modernizr.custom.65251.js more modernizr features 9 years ago
spreadtheword.js Fix the js donation validation #770 4 years ago