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eal 6d0eabeebe changing background color header 11 months ago
banners.less Turn subscribe and become-supporter banners into modules 2 years ago
color-box.less changing background color header 11 months ago
figure.less improve attribution/license 1 year ago
icon-grid.less rename class so it does not interfere with upcoming fullwidth class 1 year ago
interview-ayc.less unify and improve classes for interviews and AYC for parties 1 year ago
people.less Add new employee status and function (#1764) 2 years ago
podcast.less fix podcast feed buttons 2 years ago
quotes.less refactor CSS for quotes, and use this for the internship page 1 year ago
search-box.less reset font-size to fix #2076 1 year ago
sharebuttons-services.less add peertube and youtube button 2 years ago
sharebuttons.less update share-buttons with upstream 2 years ago
text-img-structure.less move .with-image classes to separate file 1 year ago
topbanner.less Topbanner/fundraising box (#1726) 2 years ago