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eal 6d0eabeebe changing background color header 11 months ago
bootstrap upgrade bootstrap to 3.4.1 1 year ago
elements changing background color header 11 months ago
pages head in full-screen on the left, also work with link around images 12 months ago
font-icon-no-js.less fixed nojs icons background 9 years ago
fonts.less update roboto fonts, remove unused ones 2 years ago
fsfe.less adding a inconspicuous license information and class next try 1 year ago
print.css Remove another unused class from CSS 2 years ago
rtl.css catched up with trunk, set basic rtl tag in previously empty rtl.css 8 years ago
style.less unify and improve classes for interviews and AYC for parties 1 year ago
valentine.less make sure the fsfe valentine logo appears 2 years ago