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<html newsdate="2011-05-23">
<title>Microsoft case: FSFE in European Court of Justice hearing</title>
<h1>Microsoft case: FSFE in European Court of Justice hearing</h1>
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Fresh action in the European Commission's <a
proceedings against Microsoft</a>: On May 24, the European Court of
Justice conducts a hearing on Microsoft's appeal against the
fine. FSFE has <a
in the case</a> for a decade and will intervene on the Commission's
Together with the Samba team, FSFE's legal counsel Carlo Piana and
President Karsten Gerloff will defend the freedom to
interoperate. They will reiterate FSFE's view that protocols and
interoperability information have no intrinsic value, but Microsoft
kept them secret so it could squelch rivals in the work group server
In February 2008, the European Court of Justice slapped the software
giant with a record EUR 899 million fine in 2008.
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