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<title>7th EC Framework Programme</title>
<h1>7th EC Framework Programme</h1>
<p>After the positive feedback from the application on the <a href="/activities/fp6/fp6.html">6th Framework Programme</a> the FSFE has put their eyes on
the upcoming challenges by the <a href=""> 7th Framework Programme</a>.</p>
<p>The FSFE is planning to participate in projects covering the spectrum from
information technology security over research for small and medium
enterprises to research on the social impact of information technology.</p>
<p>Currently the calls from the EC are being analysed and potential project
issues are identified. After that phase, consortia with organisations,
businesses and research facilities around Free Software issues will be formed.
With all partners on board, project proposals will be written and
filed to the EC in line with the prospective calls.</p>
<p>The projects will focus on potentials and risks of the information society in
the areas of business, education, security and development. Free Software is
introduced as a very good vehicle to use the potentials and minimize the risks.
Through qualitative consortia, the proposals are aiming to bridge the gap
between research, business and civil society. They are also contributing to the
dissemination of the idea of Free Software in all significant entities.</p>
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<p>As many will know, activities on this level are often painstakingly
slow and take a lot of work. Although the FSFE will try to do as
much as it can, its resources are limited by the amount of support
that it gets. So one way of speeding the process up <a
href="/help/donate.html">supporting our work</a>.</p>
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